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I asked casey to get some popeyes or kfc on his way home.

and i really hope he does it. 
Because I do not want to cook.. 

hahaha i’ve cleaned so much.

I did a full spring cleaning today. 

i just want to lay on the floor and die. 

at least if they decide to cancel orders again we won’t be stuck in this house.


So apparently Narnia is back on…. ?

But a few months later?



Whatever. We are still moving. I don’t even care. haha

Every single time I change Casey’s bed sheets I ALWAYS find my underwear in there … Always. Hahaha

The bed eats them in the middle of the night because I always look and never find them. Then come laundry day it’s like here take your shit bitch. Haha

jessplusone hahah the snow mobile? Haha yeah! The tread tell off anyways. Haha the season is over. Were just going to wait and move it in to the new garage. It’ll be the first thing to go.