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A quick life update while Im taking a break from cleaning.

For those who don’t know, life has been nothing short of hectic this month. 
We have all been sick, and on top of that, moving.
This is our last week in New York, and things are coming to a very bittersweet yet welcoming end. 
Movers are coming tomorrow and we leave a few days after.
Casey won’t be going to Korea for a few weeks still, thankfully, so family vacation time!!!

Also, if you follow me closely you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting nearly as much on tumblr as before.
Quite frankly, I don’t feel like tumblr is a safe place anymore. 
Theres far too much drama all the time and I’m over it. 
I have enough drama in the Facebook group I admin, I don’t need stupid hate blogs popping up all the time and reading all the other stupid drama. 

Im still keeping my blog… at least for now. Due to cloth101 being attached to it. Im not really ready to let go of my baby.

However, my days of posting are very much coming to an end.
If you like to still see pictures, talk to me, and all that jazz, you can request to follow me on IG, Jedijen504. But send me a message and let me know, or i might not accept you. 

Of course, I’m still around. I check tumblr like once a day, or try to anyways. somedays i don’t. haha 

but yup. thats about it. 

haha Im going to go back to cleaning and getting things ready for the movers. Bye!

the movers are coming a day earlier

i have 6 days..

i just want to be sick and die.

but noooooooo